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So I have this idea in mind, nothing super artistic, but mostly for fun and participation. It'll be about OC's. And I don't mean OC's as if in original characters in a fantasy universe, but the entire "world" of OC's themselves: Mary Sues, revamps facing off their original incarnations, the cliche heroes and neutral evils, the worlds in which they reside, how they view their creators, and so on.

There will be a main cast of characters meant to carry the story, and each will be of a species that are extremely popular OC: Cat, dog, dragon, and a bonus stick figure, because of reasons. The main plot will be something about how these characters are pulled from their respective worlds by a sort of mysterious god to meet their creators to get some personal conflict straightened out. But there will be a lot of interaction with other OCs and some sort of severe complication that leads to two of the characters becoming Smiling Psycho characters (the type with huge grins and a love for blood and murder).

So, where do you come in?

1.) Volunteer your OC's.
Cat, dog, robot, dragon, Naruto, I don't care, just throw 'em at me! Post links to their profiles in the comment section below or write one out and I'll do it. I don't care if you question the creative quality, it's from a per-existing franchise, are ugly, confusing, psychotic, whatever, I'll take it. Hell, feel free to pick out old Mary Sues and I'll take them! All are welcome.
What will happen to the OC's:
-Multiple appearances as given the opportunity. You might not see your OC for a while, but then a part of the story gives them an opportunity to appear, it'll happen. If I use your OC once, I very well might use it again down the road. This doesn't mean they will appear every time, but multiple times for sure.
-Keep in mind that bad things may happen to your OC. Very, very bad things. If you don't want them hurt, don't volunteer.

2.) Help me figure out the plot.
Start suggesting how things will go down. Here's what I know of the plot so far:
-The main characters will start off in each of their realms, dissatisfied with their existence.
-Mystery god appears, gives them a chance to leave their reality to find their creators and sort things out, and the characters accept. Some super trippy stuff happens and they get the ability to travel through realms and realities with ease.
-All the main characters will start off stable, but by the end, two will have devolved into grinning, murderous maniacs.
-The entire theme of bloody, grinning maniacs will be a huge part of the series and an on-going theme. It's going to be a sort of illness that characters have to watch out for or something like that.(Yeah, I want to make this series gory further down the road 'cause I love that shit.)
-Creators (humans who make the OC's) will die.
What exactly will happen in between is beyond me, though. Any suggestions?

So, yeah, people, help me throw this stuff together and it might happen.

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Kay, Neo, or Boss by my OC's
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I started drawing in 3rd grade with stick figures and have since moved up to my own cartoon style several years later. I love drawing robots, canines, and mystical creatures.

I'm a fan of Transformers, robots in general, and science fiction. When browsing for such Deviant works, I will always make a positive comment,living by the phrase, "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all".

Also, true vampires never have, never should have, and never should again sparkle.

Open minds and beautiful creations, everyone!

Personal Quote: "Play the cards you're dealt. Even if you have to cheat."

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