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Flint-Empty City App by NeonHueGoggles
Flint-Empty City App

For :iconthe-empty-city:



15 months (About 22 in human age.)

Tribe: Dugan

Rank: Talon

Feather: Peregrine Falcon

Breed: Russian Blue

Fur Type: Mid-length and thick.

Eye Color: Yellow-orange

Tattoo color: Orange

11 inches




            Flint has hawk-like sight, and an ability to pick up small details and cues. This has helped him often during hunting and fighting.



            When a cat wins his admiration, it will be there for as long as the winning traits are. For this reason, he is among the first to yowl praises for the Dugan tribe.


Thinks Ahead

            Despite being a hot head at times, Flint thinks ahead into the future and looks over consequences before acting. It’s rare for it to be other wise, and because of this he has seldom been helpless.



            Flint doesn’t exactly runaway or push away other cats, but if given the choice, he would much rather have only a couple of cats he knows out in the open plains with the peace and quiet. For this, he is often alone, but not lonely.



            There has been more than one time when Flint refused to go to the Phoric for wounds he’s received while hunting, simply because he doesn’t want his hunting reputation ruined. He is very proud of his tribe, his strength, and hunting abilities, and will become almost childishly stubborn to protect his pride.



           Flint's patients is small, and hence he often finds himself becoming easily annoyed by large gatherings of cats in tight spaces, loud cats, and just generally things not going right. When arguing, he will often resort to insults and shouting unless held back.




            Flint was born at the end of a harsh winter with two other kits, who passed quickly due to the cold. Because of this, his parents dotted, spoiled, and were generally over-protective of him. It was his father’s friend, Armin "Claystripe", who convinced them not to coddle the boy and let him grow. Turns out that Flint’s parents should have been concerned for each other, as his father went exploring and never returned. There were rumors that he had been killed, but there were also rumors that he had gone rogue and abandoned the tree. Claystripe stepped up to protect Flint’s and his mother’s honor from such slander, and likewise took up the mantle of step dad to Flint.

 Palefeather Hood:

            Claystripe became Flint’s Mentor and taught him how to fight, defend, dodge, and find shelter away from the tree when caught in bad weather. The two became very close and Claystripe opened up to secret dreams of traveling beyond the ocean to see the lands beyond, as well as wondering what exactly was going on at the top of the tree: Was it truth or trickery? All cats can see the stars, so why was it only a few that were permitted to read them and the future they held?

            All of Claystripe’s musings of distant lands got Flint to thinking about their Tree and relatively small territory, and what could possibly lay beyond. It has since developed into a nagging need to expand and explore, but has always been stopped by his duties.


            Flint has taken to the secrecy among the Tribes as something to be wary of, and hence chooses to keep his own secrets. He seems to be a good Talon, leaving the Tree early and returning late with plenty of game, but in truth he wanders the territory for much of his hunt, simply exploring and observing the local wild life. If he can not expand his territory of knowledge, then he can at least become proficient in what is there.

            Over time, he has found his reasons to dislike each tribe. Sure, he may give individual cats a chance, but in general, he has stereotyped the cats in a negative light: Gannon are hero wannabes, Cephas are otters in disguise with wings, Carlisle are runts, and Ben-Hannon are over-sized, self-righteous morons. If you’re not of his tribe, you better have a damn good entrance to impress him.

            But his biggest secret is that he has been starting to have dreams lately of battlefields filled with wounded and fallen winged cats and other beasts, and among the fighters is him, standing tall, proud, and covered in blood, a champion of the Dugan. The part he wants to especially keep secret is that these dreams don’t terrify him.

            They excite him.


-[NPC] Armin "Claystripe" (Named for red-brown and black fur stripes): Family friend, father figure, Mentor
-[NPC] Damana : Mother, retired Talon


-Exploring the land around the Trees, preferably away from other cats.

-Studying and harassing dogs.

-Stalking birds of prey to practice flight abilities.

-Philosophizing with his “Uncle” Claystripe.


Roleplay Example:

            Flint huffed and rolled his eyes, then turned to the Gannon cat. “Listen, princess,” he spat, “I don’t know if you know this, but you have to get into a fight to even start calling yourself a hero. You wanna know how I got this knick?” He flicked his right ear, drawing attention to the deep cut taken out of it. “Got it pecked pretty badly by a Peregin falcon when she got angry at me when I took her feather. What did you do for your feather? Rehearsed poetry to a goose until it groomed itself? You’re no warrior, much less a hero. You’re a kitty with a hero complex."

I'm never on here any more. Too busy. I'm on Tumblr though:
I'm just gonna put it all down at once because I have a feeling that it's all interconnected.

So I've had this computer for close to three or four years now and it's slowed down major badly. I've tried to delete files, defrag, and use CCleaner, but I keep running into infections, the most worrying is an unwanted home page for something like DVD soft burner. A pop up advertisement window also likes to make an appearance in the lower right of my screen now and then, regardless of what site I'm on. On top of that, there are often times when I get on the internet, and less than a minute later the window shits itself and freezes.

So, naturally, I went hunting for spyware and malware removal tools and helped a little, but the problems I just listed still persist. After doing that, my tablet (an Adesso CyberTablet Z12) has started acting up.

There is no damage to the wire, plug, pen, or tablet. I replaced the battery in the pen, and it bings like normal when I hook it up, complete with the blinking LED light in the corner. Yet, when I attempt to draw, the pen won't work. I have to disconnect and reconnect my tablet several times for it to acknowledge the pen with some hard, forced pushing, and I'm lucky if it connects like normal with only light pressing needed for use. If I leave the tablet aside for too long, using my mouse or checking up on other things, it stops working again. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, but it still persists. I'm worried that this means my tablet is dying because my last tablet started doing this before it died, but that one had major wire damage from a kink right at the connection point between cable and tablet.

My game plan is thus:
1.) If I can't find a program to wipe the disease from my computer, I'm going to have to wipe the computer myself and start fresh. I'm worried about how much I'll exactly be losing, but I'm sick of having to play Russian Roulette with anti-mal/spyware downloads and praying nothing will piggy back into my system on it. Recommendations for efficient, reliable computer protection programs, and tips of safe computer wiping would be welcome.

2.) If my tablet is simply dying, I'm gonna have to cough up the cash for a new one. Any recommended tablets?

So, yeah, any advise at all would be welcome. Recommended removal and protection programs, how find the disease and get rid of it, how to fix my tablet, anything, would be nice.
So I have this idea in mind, nothing super artistic, but mostly for fun and participation. It'll be about OC's. And I don't mean OC's as if in original characters in a fantasy universe, but the entire "world" of OC's themselves: Mary Sues, revamps facing off their original incarnations, the cliche heroes and neutral evils, the worlds in which they reside, how they view their creators, and so on.

There will be a main cast of characters meant to carry the story, and each will be of a species that are extremely popular OC: Cat, dog, dragon, and a bonus stick figure, because of reasons. The main plot will be something about how these characters are pulled from their respective worlds by a sort of mysterious god to meet their creators to get some personal conflict straightened out. But there will be a lot of interaction with other OCs and some sort of severe complication that leads to two of the characters becoming Smiling Psycho characters (the type with huge grins and a love for blood and murder).

So, where do you come in?

1.) Volunteer your OC's.
Cat, dog, robot, dragon, Naruto, I don't care, just throw 'em at me! Post links to their profiles in the comment section below or write one out and I'll do it. I don't care if you question the creative quality, it's from a per-existing franchise, are ugly, confusing, psychotic, whatever, I'll take it. Hell, feel free to pick out old Mary Sues and I'll take them! All are welcome.
What will happen to the OC's:
-Multiple appearances as given the opportunity. You might not see your OC for a while, but then a part of the story gives them an opportunity to appear, it'll happen. If I use your OC once, I very well might use it again down the road. This doesn't mean they will appear every time, but multiple times for sure.
-Keep in mind that bad things may happen to your OC. Very, very bad things. If you don't want them hurt, don't volunteer.

2.) Help me figure out the plot.
Start suggesting how things will go down. Here's what I know of the plot so far:
-The main characters will start off in each of their realms, dissatisfied with their existence.
-Mystery god appears, gives them a chance to leave their reality to find their creators and sort things out, and the characters accept. Some super trippy stuff happens and they get the ability to travel through realms and realities with ease.
-All the main characters will start off stable, but by the end, two will have devolved into grinning, murderous maniacs.
-The entire theme of bloody, grinning maniacs will be a huge part of the series and an on-going theme. It's going to be a sort of illness that characters have to watch out for or something like that.(Yeah, I want to make this series gory further down the road 'cause I love that shit.)
-Creators (humans who make the OC's) will die.
What exactly will happen in between is beyond me, though. Any suggestions?

So, yeah, people, help me throw this stuff together and it might happen.
I'm never on here any more. Too busy. I'm on Tumblr though:

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Kay, Neo, or Boss by my OC's
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I started drawing in 3rd grade with stick figures and have since moved up to my own cartoon style several years later. I love drawing robots, canines, and mystical creatures.

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Also, true vampires never have, never should have, and never should again sparkle.

Open minds and beautiful creations, everyone!

Personal Quote: "Play the cards you're dealt. Even if you have to cheat."

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