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I'm never on here any more. Too busy. I'm on Tumblr though:
I'm just gonna put it all down at once because I have a feeling that it's all interconnected.

So I've had this computer for close to three or four years now and it's slowed down major badly. I've tried to delete files, defrag, and use CCleaner, but I keep running into infections, the most worrying is an unwanted home page for something like DVD soft burner. A pop up advertisement window also likes to make an appearance in the lower right of my screen now and then, regardless of what site I'm on. On top of that, there are often times when I get on the internet, and less than a minute later the window shits itself and freezes.

So, naturally, I went hunting for spyware and malware removal tools and helped a little, but the problems I just listed still persist. After doing that, my tablet (an Adesso CyberTablet Z12) has started acting up.

There is no damage to the wire, plug, pen, or tablet. I replaced the battery in the pen, and it bings like normal when I hook it up, complete with the blinking LED light in the corner. Yet, when I attempt to draw, the pen won't work. I have to disconnect and reconnect my tablet several times for it to acknowledge the pen with some hard, forced pushing, and I'm lucky if it connects like normal with only light pressing needed for use. If I leave the tablet aside for too long, using my mouse or checking up on other things, it stops working again. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, but it still persists. I'm worried that this means my tablet is dying because my last tablet started doing this before it died, but that one had major wire damage from a kink right at the connection point between cable and tablet.

My game plan is thus:
1.) If I can't find a program to wipe the disease from my computer, I'm going to have to wipe the computer myself and start fresh. I'm worried about how much I'll exactly be losing, but I'm sick of having to play Russian Roulette with anti-mal/spyware downloads and praying nothing will piggy back into my system on it. Recommendations for efficient, reliable computer protection programs, and tips of safe computer wiping would be welcome.

2.) If my tablet is simply dying, I'm gonna have to cough up the cash for a new one. Any recommended tablets?

So, yeah, any advise at all would be welcome. Recommended removal and protection programs, how find the disease and get rid of it, how to fix my tablet, anything, would be nice.
I'm never on here any more. Too busy. I'm on Tumblr though:

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Kay, Neo, or Boss by my OC's
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I started drawing in 3rd grade with stick figures and have since moved up to my own cartoon style several years later. I love drawing robots, canines, and mystical creatures.

I'm a fan of Transformers, robots in general, and science fiction. When browsing for such Deviant works, I will always make a positive comment,living by the phrase, "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all".

Also, true vampires never have, never should have, and never should again sparkle.

Open minds and beautiful creations, everyone!

Personal Quote: "Play the cards you're dealt. Even if you have to cheat."

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